Nextbit is a forward thinking company with a cloud-first smart phone aimed at design minded tech savvy consumers.

We helped Nextbit clarify, craft and deliver their message using a staged approach that allowed us to quickly iterate, test, observe and learn from our users. We produced content that not only populates our website, but also drives social.

Our user’s appreciation for new technology and their maker mentality gave us freedom to create a fun, engaging and unique experience. The interactive cloud on the homepage is different each time the site loads. The cloud is then paired with different hands, phones, and backgrounds to ensure a unique experience every time you visit the site. We also enabled the device accelerometer so users can interact with the cloud, even on mobile. The unique experience doesn’t stop at the homepage. We hid easter eggs all over the site, including a game on the 404 page and a surprising experience for anyone viewing from a Nextbit phone.

My role

Website design lead & some development